Tips to Grow  Lamb’s ears

Lamb’s ear is a shiny loving perennial plant known for soft, fuzzy, pale colored foliage.

Lamb’s ears plant is grown mainly for its foliage can garden border or in containers.

This foliage plant is often recommended to plant in children's schools because of its soft texture, so named lamb’s ear.

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You can grow grow lamb’s ears in the garden bed, border, or in a pot.

Lamb’s ears does produce pinkish-purple or white bloom on tall stalks in the late spring to summer.

Lamb’s ear plants like to thrive in average, well-drained soil with slightly acidic pH.


Ideally spring is the best time to plant lamb’s ear, so that it gets established during cooler weather.


They can be propagated from seeds, cutting and division. However, the best and easiest way to propagate them is from division.


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