Why your lavender is not blooming?


If your lavender is not flowering, there might be a number of factors at play. This is dependent on a wide variety of things.

There must be a mistake in the way you are caring for the lavender plants if they do not blossom.

Wrong soil pH - It is possible that your lavender is suffering from stress caused by too acidic soil if it is not blossoming and is generally showing signs of poor development.

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Too much watering - When it comes to care for lavenders, the most frequent error that gardeners make is to over water the plants.

Unsuitable climate condition - If you want your lavender to blossom well, you need to provide it with the same kinds of conditions: full light, soil that drains well.

Lack of sunlight - One of the most common reasons for a poor bloom on lavender is that the plant does not get enough sunlight.

Soil is not fertilize -When fertilizer is applied to lavenders, the likelihood of their producing a magnificent purple bloom is diminished.

Wrong Pruning - When trimming lavender, the most important thing to remember is that you should never cut into the old wood stems.

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