9 Tips to Grow and Care for Love lies bleeding


Love lies bleeding is a Deep-crimson color plant makes it different from other plants. With being colorful this plant is also used for eating and medicine purposes.

You can plant seeds inside 8 weeks before the last frost and expect to see flowers 3-4 months later.

Love lie bleeding grow big in size, growing them in small pots or containers will not produce much yield. It’s better to provide them with a big area container or plant directly in ground soil.

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Love lies bleeding  are big green leaves plants, they love sunlight. Plant in an area where they receive full daylight.

Amaranthus grow large so it is important to give them enough water. Water helps to grow them large which produce more seeds.

A well-drained loam is best for Love lies  bleeding. However it can do well in almost every soil.

Pluck or cut dry parts of the plant, this will make the plant look neat and produce new growth.

Add fertilizer in the growing season this will encourage more bloom and leaves. If you have added organic fertilizer or manure when planting, you can avoid fertilizer in the same season.

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