Mandevilla flowers common problems

The well-known flowering shrub known as Mandevilla has trumpet-shaped blooms.

Are your Mandevilla plant dying? The mandevilla plant may display signals of dying for a number of causes.

It often shows signs of death as a result of nutritional deficiency, inadequate drainage, or a spider mite infestation.

Other threats to the plant include aphids and the bacteria that cause southern blight.

Mandevilla plants are also susceptible to diseases like anthracnose and powdery mildew.

Botrytis blight, commonly known as grey mould, is often the cause of wilting of the leaves and the growth of brown spongiosis intoa the green leaves.

This pest may spread rot along stems and into the plant's roots as well as trap buds and leaves.

In high humid region water directly in the roots of the plant to avoid fungal diseases.

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