Tips to grow and care for Marigolds

Marigolds are the first choice of any gardener. If you visit any garden you will definitely see them. 

Marigolds look like tightly packed ball-like clusters, its height depends upon the variety and condition of the plant.

Marigold doesn’t need intense pruning but deadhead actually aids in plant blooming and suppresses the seedling process.

First growing in a pot or container and then transplanting in the garden. In a container taking care of plants is easy and there is no danger of any pest.

Plant them Marigold between summer and the first frost of autumn. In this period the bloom is extremely bright and cheerful.

They are native to warm and heat climates and do well in bright sunny areas with moderate rich soil.

Organic fertilize them once a year during early spring. To enjoy new bloom growth.

Marigolds like to grow in warm temperature above 40 degree fahrenheit. They grow perennial in haridness zone 8-10.

Marigolds do not like to be waterlogged. Soggy soil often leads to poor growth and danger of root rot.

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