What is Mulch Benefits in Gardening


To put it in its most basic form, mulch is any substance that is used to cover the surface of the soil. In its natural state, mulch is composed of nothing more than dead leaves and other plant matter.

Mulching prevents light from reaching the surface of the soil, which stunts the development of weeds.

Helps the soil retain its moisture by lowering the amount of water that evaporates from its surface.

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Temperatures in the soil are kept more even, with the soil remaining warmer during the cold nights and colder during the warm days.

Protects exposed soil while at the same time lowering the risk of erosion and soil deformation.

Provides shelter for plants from the severe weather that winter brings, including wind and freezing temperatures.

In the winter, the soil that is protected by mulch would be warmer than soil that is not covered by mulch. Plants are shielded from the repeated cycle of freezing and thawing as a result of this.

Stops the surface of the soil from crusting over. Instead of evaporating, water is able to more easily absorb into soil that is coated with mulch.

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