Tips to Grow and Care for Nasturtiums

Nasturtium is a bright, saturated, jewel-toned flower plant. It is a fast and easy growing plant.

Nasturtiums are planted in the spring season when all threat of frost has gone. It is perennial in hardiness zones 9-11, and annual in other regions.

Nasturtium varieties does not like to transplant. Plant them directly in the garden, pot or container.

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Full sun is ideal for all Nasturtium species. Plant them where they get at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

Unlike other colorful flower-plants nasturtium does not require rich, fertile soil. You can grow them in average or lean soil with good drainage.

Nasturtiums become bit drought tolerance, once they get established. Usually, they prefer moderate watering (Once a week) to keep its soil mosit.

Just like any other plant Nasturtium also need trimming or pruning occasionally. Nasturtium varieties grow fast, so you have to trim them to maintain its shape.

You do not need to fertilize nasturtium in any season. They can thrive in dry and average soil, adding fertilizer will increase production of foliage and not flowers.

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