Tips to Grow and care for New Zealand Flax

New Zealand flax is a specimen plant that is often grown for its large and colorful spikes.

It is grown in garden borders, containers and in the center of the garden in beds.

This perennial has large swords-like leaves that grow in an upright direction from the base of the plant.

When New Zealand flax gets mature, in the growing season it produces red or yellow color blossoms depending upon its cultivar.

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New Zealand flax do well in full sun to part shade. It is generally grown for its foliage, it needs much sunlight.

Spread thick layer of mulch on the roots to retain moisture for longer duration, in hot climate.


New Zealand flax soil is not fussy about soil; they can thrive in poor soil as long as it gets well-drained.

Although New Zealand flax become water tolerant when it matures, in the initial stage it requires at least one inch of water every week.

It prefers acidic soil but does fine in neutral soil. If you are planting in the soil, potting mix soil is preferred over standard ground soil.

The plant is mainly grown for its foliage, gardeners often deadhead these flowers to redirect energy to grow new leaves.

Gardeners that grow it in zones 7 to 8 zones treat them as an annual plant that dies in winter and comes back in the spring.

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