Tips to Care for Persian shield

The Persian shield plant also known as “Strobilanthes Dyerianus” is a beautiful ornamental plant. It is native to Myanmar where it grows as an evergreen plant.

This evergreen tropical plant is very popular between US gardeners, the plant usually grows as annual, perennial, houseplant and border.

Persian Shield has unique iridescent foliage that is totally an eye catcher. Plating them in the house would give a contrast and classic look.

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You can start planting between late winter to early spring. This period plant gets a chance to spread its roots so that it can grow rapidly in growing seasons.

Persian Shield are considered to be planted in full shade or partial shade areas.

Persian shields do well in drained soil, the pH level of the soil is generally not a concern for them, they grow in a neutral range of soil pH.  They can tolerate slightly acidic soil pH between 5.5 to 7.5.

Generally they don’t require any fertilizer if planted in rich soil. However, You may apply light feed in the starting of the season and midway of the summer for continuous growth.

Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. Water only when the upper soil of the plant looks dry.

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