Plant that look Similar to Elephant ear plant

Alocasia Amazonica

The most notable feature is the gorgeous tropical flora. This hybrid Alocasia plant will provide elegance to your interior space for many years.

Even on cloudy days, its leaves seem to shine and flutter in the slightest air.

Colocasia Lime Zinger

The two-foot-long, dusty, solid purple-black leaves of the Colocasia 'Black Magic' plant are formed like a four-pointed star.

Colocasia Black Magic

Caladium is a type of elephant ear plant but small in size. The white, transparent leaves of the White Queen Caladium have pink veins and a green border.

Caladium White Queen

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This sun-tolerant cultivar, which grows at 12 to 18 inches tall, is ideal for use in patio beds, pots and window boxes

Caladium Candyland

It's a colourful plant with unusual leaves that contrast with dark green at the edges.

Caladium Carolyn Whorton

Caladium "Pink Symphony" is a tropical aroid endemic to South America that grows swiftly.

Caladium Pink Symphony

It grows to a length of 12 to 30 inches before sprouting its enormous, heart-shaped leaf.

Caladium Red Flash

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