10 Tips to Grow and Care for Rex Begonia


Rex begonia is a colorful foliage plant. It belongs to a semi-tropical region and usually grown as houseplant or outdoor container plant.

Rex begonia is grown for its unique foliage that is different in texture and patterns.

Plant wax begonia in a large container filled with quality soil. Rex begonia grows from shallow and knobby rhizomes. 

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Rex begonia thrive in bright, indirect light. Because they do not produce heavy bloomers, they can tolerate less light.

Rex begonia needs regular watering to ensure continuous growth.

Rex begonia thrive in airy, light, well-drained soil. If you are growing in the pot, make sure it has an adequate drainage holes.

Rex begonia are grown for their beautiful foliage. Its flowers are usually snipped off to redirect energy to grow more leaves.

Rex begonia do not need fertilization once they get established.

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