Tips to grow and care for Thyme

Thyme grows well in sunny and slightly warm climates. It is commonly used to hold taste in the cooking, and give flavor when mixed with garlic, tomatoes and olive oil.

The herbs produce bright purple, Lavender, or white tubular flowers that bloom during summer and spring.

The more poor or dry soil, the better the thyme plant will grow. It prefers loamy and sandy soil, even thriving in rocky graves

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Thyme herb does mostly well in full sun because it is native to the Mediterranean region. Plant them where they get direct full sunlight.

Thyme needs sunlight to bloom. Give Them at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

Spread thick layer of mulch on the roots to retain moisture for longer duration, in hot climate.

With each year Thyme's growing capacity slightly decreases. So to have a quality plant treat it with dilute all purpose fertilizer.

Excessive watering can cause common plant diseases. Water only when soil look dry.

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