When does lavender bloom?


Lavender blooming period depends on which lavender variety you're growing.

Some lavender varieties grow for a short period of time while some longer.

However, most of the lavender grows during early spring to summer.

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English Lavender produce flowers for about a month once it begins to bloom in the middle of June.

French Lavenders are capable of flowering as early as May when grown in the appropriate environment and under ideal circumstances.

Spanish Lavender may flower two to 3 times: at the beginning of May, in June, and perhaps late summer or early autumn.

The blooming period for hybrid lavenders begins in the middle of summer, around the month of July, and continues for several weeks into the fall.

How long does it take a lavender plant to bloom? There is a possibility that lavender may blossom in its first year, but it typically takes 3 years for plants to become fully mature.

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