Why Gladiolus flowers are so famous?


It's the "Year of the Gladiolus," a perennial with long flower spikes and large, multicolored blooms.

2018 is "Year of the Gladiolus" according to the National Gardening Bureau.

These lovely flowering plants belong to the iris family (Iridaceae) and are sometimes called "glads."

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Healing Powers - British and Mediterranean gladiolus plants were utilized medicinally.

Although the gladiolus is a perennial bloom that may be dug up and preserved over the winter in cold locations.

South Africa formerly had seven gladiolus types. From these seven species, 10,000 gladiolus cultivars exist today.

Gladiolus doesn't require a card since it provides symbolic value for the receiver.

Gladioli symbolize character, loyalty, and morality. The gladiolus is designed to penetrate the recipient's heart, symbolizing Love.

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