How to winterize Mexican Petunia?

Overwintering Mexican petunia is very easy, though they are perennial plants they do not produce flowers in the winter and like to go dormant.

If you have planted in the pot you can conserve the plant simply by placing the pot in a dark room or where light is less.

After some days they will go dormant, you can bring them out in the next spring and they will start growing normally.

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To control Mexican petunia, you have to occasionally thrive them. This is an invasive plant that spreads through air.

Its seed flows with air and grows everywhere in the plant. If you leave them alone they will cover the whole of your garden.

How to get rid of invasive mexican petunias? Mexican petunia are small, beautiful flowers. However, due to its rapid growth rate you have to remove them from your garden.

If you have planted in pots they may need to be repotted more frequently than other plants. As they are fast growing shrubs. They grow well as long as they are planted in sunnier spots.

If you are planting Mexican petunia for the first time, you can add organic compost or manure in the soil. This will help to boost the plant's growth and produce a lot of flowers.

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