Tips to grow Wormwood plant

Artemisia is a woody perennial sub-shrub grown as an ornamental plant for its fragrant, silver-foliage. 

Wormwood (Artemisia plant) can thrive in poor condition, usually thriving in USDA hardiness zone 4 to 9.

Artemisia genus contains about 300 species, including annual, perennial and even woody shrubs. But, species grown as ornamental plants are mostly herbaceous perennials.

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Wormwood is generally planted in the spring. Like other plants, wormwood or artemisia also show rapid growth in the spring.

Wormwood does best in full sun. However, the plant can also grow in partial shade but needs at least six hours direct sunlight.

Wormwood can grow in any average, well-drained soil. Only requirement is that the soil should have good drainage.

Pruning wormwood encourages more leaves and blooms. It should be pruned in the spring to have branches. Pruning will keep their size check and look neat.

Excessive watering can cause common plant diseases. Water only when soil look dry.

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